Hello fellow human!

Thanks for spending any amount of time on this site.

My name is Riley and I release music under the alias RYLY (it just looks cooler than ‘Riley’). My goal as an independent artist is to make pop music that means something. It seems like many of the songs out right now are talking about the same superficial things. Maybe that’s what our culture enjoys and maybe the surface is as far as some of us want to dig. Maybe I’m naive to think that we all want something more.I strive to write music that catches your ear and keeps you on your toes, while crafting lyrics that carry a sense of meaning and purpose. I think there can be a beautiful marriage between synthesizers / dancing bass lines and a message that makes you get inside of your head and your heart. God knows most of the time I need to get out of mine.

2019 has held many more ups and downs than I anticipated or prepared myself to walk through. I’m excited to share my experience and view of the world with you. Thank you for paying attention. If you have taken the time to read this, I am eternally grateful that you spent it on me.

Maybe my songs do none of the things I intend them to. Maybe I’m naive and ignorant. At least I’m trying. In the end, aren’t we all?